Create Experiences Not Products!
Create Experiences Not Products!

PWAs Versus Native Apps

Not sure what’s the buzz about on Progressive Web Apps? Find a comparison below.

PWA Native App Comparison

  • PWAs can be run on most standard modern browsers while Native Apps require specific device specifications
  • PWAs are installed simply by adding it to the home screen while Native Apps require a download and installation
  • PWAs do not need to be updated manually as any changes made on the website is akin to updating the PWA while Native Apps require a download and update
  • PWAs are found in via the very same website you are keen in while Native Apps usually requires a trip to the App Store
  • PWAs can be made to run faster than Native Apps when optimised

While there are still areas where Native Apps outperform such as making use of device capabilities ( for example sensors ), the PWA scene is fast evolving and we may see the equivalent capabilities soon!

Not sure what PWAs are available? Find a ever growing list at the PWA App Store .

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